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IOM is committed to guaranteeing fair and non-discriminatory access to key social services for the socio-economic inclusion of migrants, enhancing and strengthening the role of local authorities directly involved in providing them (residence, accommodation, education, employment, etc...)

To this end, IOM works to:

  • Strengthen the capacities of local authorities in designing and providing more inclusive and accessible social services and in addressing any issues related to cultural diversity;
  • Strengthen the horizontal and vertical coordination between the entities that provide state and non-state services, in order to improve the effectiveness and impact of services for the social and labor inclusion of migrants;
  • Promote and strengthen synergies between the parties involved in the provision of services for the social and labor inclusion of migrants and encourage innovation;
  • Promote the exchange of experiences and good practices at European and international level and support collaboration between local authorities committed to improving social services for the integration of migrants;
  • Increase the impact of initiatives aimed at making the most interested parties aware of the advantages and opportunities of coordinated integration;
  • Aim to improve the monitoring and evaluation capacities of local authorities in order to increase the long-term impact of initiatives aimed at improving access to services for migrants;

As part of the ADMin4ALL project, IOM has already supported more than 35 municipalities in 7 countries of the European Union (Italy, Austria, Poland, Romania, Spain, Greece and Malta), improving the capacities of local authorities responsible for providing social services, in relating in a more accessible and inclusive way with an increasingly diverse population, thus contributing to the improvement of the integration process of migrants and to the social cohesion of the entire community.