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Emergency Operations Unit


Directorate General Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid of the European Commission (DG ECHO)


Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission (DG HOME)


Since June 2015, Greece started receiving a significantly increased number of migrants and refugees who entered through the blue borders of the country. Through the establishment of the Emergency Operations Unit, IOM Greece focuses on the Humanitarian Response to the Mediterranean migrant and refugee crisis by providing support in close collaboration with the Greek Government and other agencies. This action is complementary to ongoing programs that IOM Greece implements in partnership with the Greek Government, EU Agencies, EU member states and other countries, and allows for a holistic and coherent approach in response to the migrant and refugee crisis.

IOM Greece Emergency Operations Unit’s activities aim to provide concrete services and support to the population of concern. Beneficiaries include migrants and refugees who are stranded in Greece and reside in formal and informal sites, with a particular focus on Unaccompanied Migrant Children (UMCs) and other vulnerable individuals, such as victims of Trafficking of Human Beings (THB) and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV).

More specifically, IOM has been addressing the exacerbated emergency situation in Greece by rolling out a comprehensive emergency response consisting of the following projects: