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Helios (HELlenic IntegratiOn System)

Funded by IOM 



“Helios” (HELlenic IntegratiOn System) project is a pilot programme aiming at examining possibilities of decentralized migrant integration practices. Based on a study visit that IOM implemented in Italy during last July, the project will capitalize already existing practices, such as education, CASH assistance, accommodation, and combine them with supporting actions regarding professional skills, social ties and participation. Final goal would be a holistic approach of migrant and refugee integration plan in a local level. In parallel, the project aims at examining the cost effectiveness of the planned actions, acknowledging pros and cons and valuating the suggested administration plan with the participation of all implementing partners. The final proposal will be tailor made to Greek practices and framework.


Ministry of Migration Policy would be the basic political actor supported by a migration related partner net. Municipalities of Livadia and Thiva already provide apartments and open accommodation site to migrants and have been recognized as the most appropriate local administration units for the implementation of the project. On the other hand, IOM as the UN migration agency implements and participates in integration projects all over the world.

Given the pilot nature of the programme, the first two target groups would be 80 migrants in Livadia and 40 in Thiva. However, in a long – term perspective, “Helios” model - programme addresses to all refugees and migrants staying in Greece, and to all central and local authorities which desire to follow its path

Under the framework of the programme “Helios”, the MoMP would be the coordinating authority, while IOM will enhance the municipality services with interpreters and specialized personnel who will provide guidelines to migrants regarding labor market, social participation, respecting of human rights, aiming at a successful integration procedure in the local community. Municipalities will provide their services, where necessary. Project’s managing team will consist of implementing partners staff and IOM representatives.

Initial duration of the project six months, with a possibility of a six – month extension.


 Areas of action: Livadia, Thiva