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Cinema nights – Improvised outdoor cinema in the Open Site of Kavala

20 September 2021


Press Release


The International Organization for Migration in collaboration with the Camp Manager of the open accommodation site for migrants and refugees in Kavala, organized the screening of films for children and teens in the open space of the facility with the kind contribution of the film education program "All in the Frame" by Neaniko Plano.

The original and improvised outdoor cinema that opened its doors from 15 to 17 September, hosted young and old people from the Open Site as well as from the city of Kavala.

Driven by the art of cinema, the initiative aimed towards the creative coexistence of refugees and locals. The event was inaugurated by amateur musicians from Afghanistan, living in the open site.

The films screened were not only suitable for children and teenagers as they were selected to attract the interest of adults as well. Admission for the public was free.

The open accommodation structure in Kavala accommodates approximately 700 asylum seekers, most of whom come from Afghanistan, while about 350 residents are children.

Aiming at the health safety of all participants, the screenings took place in a selected, large and open space. IOM employees consistently followed all protocols against the spread of COVID 19, while instructions were given to the audience, before the start of each film.

The following movies were screened: “Miniscule: Valley of the lost ants”, wordless animation for all ages, “The Flea”, an internationally awarded film by Dimitris Spyrou - The film is in Greek language with Arabic subtitles, from the Children and Youth Film Library of Neaniko Plano - and “The boy and the world”, an award-winning animated film by Ale Abreu, with more than 40 international awards and Oscar nominee for Best Animated Film. Wordless animations for all ages, from the Children and Youth Film Library of Neaniko Plano.

The International Organization for Migration supports the Greek authorities in the management of the open accommodation centers with the funding of the European Commission.

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