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IOM donates 30.000 euros in kind to the Greek Fire Service

Athens, 13 February 2019


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Athens - With regards to the following fire – protection period, a donation in kind of 30.000 euros was made by ΙΟΜ to the Greek Fire Service with the purchase and the provision of 7 sets of self – contained pressing devices. IOM’s initiative developed right after the summer wildfires in Attica which resulted in the tragic loss of 100 people and was built along with the ongoing cooperation between the IOM and Greek Fire services in the several open accommodation centers for migrants and refugees in the mainland.

“Past July’s wildfires in Attica was a shock for everyone and the loss of 100 people remains unbearable not only for their families but for the local community as well. After this tragedy, IOM’s activation was more than self – evident to us. The support of the Greek Fire Service and all firemen, who are risking their lives in the field saving other people regardless of their nationality and status seemed like a duty to IOM,” said Gianluca Rocco, Chief of IOM Mission in Greece.

The provision of such a specialized equipment was organized along with the administration of the Greek Fire Service and all specifications were aligned with EU regulations as followed by the Fire Corps. Representatives of the Fire service expressed their gratitude to IOM, committing also for the continuation of fruitful joint initiatives.

“We are very grateful for this donation. The provision of 7 high – tech self - contained pressing devices is very significant for our corps and for the safety of all personnel and we are sincerely looking forward to new ways of cooperation with IOM,” said Anastasios Sotirchos, General lieutenant – Coordinator of Support of the Greek Fire Service.

This is not the first time IOM collaborates with the Fire Service. Local departments are present to open accommodation sites where IOM operates as the site management support agency. Through the provision of fire service trainings, the Fire Service ensures the safety of all residents and the local society.

The donation and the delivery of all devices took place in Fire Service Headquarters in Athens with the presence of Deputy Chief, Lieutenant Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos.


Press Release


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