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  • IOM Aids Relocation of Families, Unaccompanied Child Migrants from Greece to Finland

    IOM helped two groups of asylum seekers to leave Greece for Finland this week under the European Union (EU)’s ongoing relocation programme. Of the 82 people relocated, 11 were unaccompanied children. Press Briefing Note


    There are 65 million people displaced worldwide. An unprecedented number of people are being forced to migrate to escape war, poverty, the impact of climate change and persecution. The humanitarian system is overwhelmed by the number and scale of humanitarian emergencies and conflicts. Indeed, a world with millions uprooted is itself a crisis. Read more

  • NFI distribution to Malakasa & Ritsona camps

    2000 NFIs were distributed by IOM Greece to Malakasa (1120 kits)  and Ritsona (880 Kits) camps in Attica on 08.04.2016.  NFI contents dental kit including toothbrush & toothpaste, hand soap, shower gel & shampoo, 2 sanitary rolls, wet/dry wipes.

  • Reintegration Stories

    Funded by Swiss Confederation and the State Secretariat for Migration Implemented by IOM Greece

    On December 2014, the cooperation of the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration with the Office in Greece of International Organization for Migration was announced. The Swiss Confederation funds the assistance in kind for the reintegration plan of 100 migrants who registered to the Voluntary Return Program of IOM Greece.

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    Press Release - IOM Greece Mission at Kos island

    IOM Greece in contact with the local authorities of Kos Island, the Police and the Coastguard  designates specialized and experienced staff to contribute to the management of the  situation arose from the massive arrivals of migrants during the last days. IOM staff is present by providing information to the newly arrived migrants, information about the options the undocumented migrants have, by evaluating, recording and collecting data, by reporting for the broader #MissingMigrants Project that IOM implements as a concept and a proposal globally.

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    Within the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, IOM Rome with the support of the Italian Government, organized  a Round Table on “Missing migrants on the move: a challenge for the global community in the new millennium” on 20 and 21 January 2015 in Rome.

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    Not many month ago, IOM spokesperson Leonard Doyle commented on Media : “We want to turn #MissingMigrants into a powerful voice to warn future migrants against taking these high risk journeys. It is not doing it with a poster or a radio spot, but with the most persuasive means out there - the voices of survivors and the family members of missing migrants,” he adds."