Providing Education and Immediate Accommodation to Migrant Children in Greece (PEDIA) | International Organization for Migration

Providing Education and Immediate Accommodation to Migrant Children in Greece (PEDIA)

DonorDirectorate General Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission (DG HOME)



Duration: 16 July – 15 June 2019



 Through this action IOM is taking urgent actions to ensure that migrant/refugee children in need are immediately placed in a protective environment and receive tailored services, by providing direct assistance to beneficiaries at risk and supporting national authorities. Specifically targeted under the Action are UMCs currently placed under insecure conditions that are in need of emergency accommodation and protection, as well as school-age children that run the risk to be excluded from formal education, unless they are provided with the necessary means and resources.


  1. UMCs accommodation

IOM ensures immediate accommodation in hotels of large number of UMCs living on the islands, at land borders and in police custody. All actions will be dully coordinated with national authorities and other international and national specialized actors, as part of project activities’ implementation such as UNICEF, ARSIS, Iliaktida, MDM.


Partners: ARSIS, Iliaktida, MdM, UNICEF


  1. Facilitating formal education for migrant/refugee children in sites and hotels

IOM continues providing support to MoE during the next school year through transportation services and provision of necessary school materials to children living in sites and hotels, in full coordination with MoE, MMP, UNHCR and other actors.

Areas of action: Attica and Northern Greece.