Co-funded by the Health Programme of the European Union and implemented by IOM 


Re-Health - Support Member States under particular migratory pressure in their response to health related challenges (RE-HEALTH)

RE-HEALTH was launched in February 2016 by the Migration Health Division of the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Regional Office in Brussels. Co-funded by the European Commission (EC) through the General Directorate for Health and Food-DG SANTE, the project intends to support EU Member States, helping them in addressing health-related issues of arriving migrants, follow up and continuity of care, ensuring that health assessments and preventive measures are provided, and that data initially collected are kept in an online database platform in order to be available during transit and at destination country.

The implementation of the project makes use of the Personal Health Record (PHR), and accompanying Handbook for Health Professionals (HPs), promotes a systematic assessment of the health of arriving migrants. It seeks to ensure that health assessment and preventive measures are provided to all (including vulnerable groups) via the employment of health mediators/interpreters and via health promotion activities.


Electronic Personal Health Record (E-PHR)

  • The E-PHR and its platform aims towards a unified approach at EU level to foster the health provision of arriving migrants, facilitating follow-up and continuity of care.
  • Data collected during the Health Assessment (HA) can be retrieved as individual cases or in aggregated form.


Handbook for health professionals

  • A guidance for the voluntary assessment of the health status of refugees and migrants in the EU/EEA
  • Available in 9 EU languages and in Arabic
  • Developed by IOM in collaboration with the EC intended to support health professionals (HPs) during HA


Medical Assessment

  • The conceptual design of the E-PHR fosters the centrality of the individual and allows HP to get a view of the health status and needs of the migrants
  • The E-PHR is handy to fill in and will allow HPs within different countries or within the same, to update the medical record of the migrant


Data Protection

  • Only selected personnel, identified by the respective health authorities, will have granted access to the encrypted platform
  • Among different laws and regulations: complies with the IHR and Directive 95/46/EC: Protection of personal data and its free movement
  • Built-in Consent Form and Data Sharing form in compliance with Member States regulations


Personal Health Record

  • The PHR can be printed and shared with the migrant


The RE-HEALTH action aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. Establish links between key reception areas and the health systems in the target countries;
  2. Make use of the established Personal Health Record (PHR) and the accompanying Handbook for Health Professionals (HPs) to evaluate the health status and needs of arriving refugees and migrants;
  3. Ensure that health assessments and preventive measures are implemented, taking into account the needs of children and other vulnerable groups;
  4. Ensure that data initially collected through the PHR is stored in a database so that it is available at transit and destination countries. 


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