Responding to Emergency needs and Fostering Refugees’ and Migrants’ Empowerment (REFRAME) | International Organization for Migration

Responding to Emergency needs and Fostering Refugees’ and Migrants’ Empowerment (REFRAME)

DonorMRF grant, CEB

Duration: 1 September 2017 - 30 June 2019

Description: In line with international and national law and humanitarian principles and standards, IOM aims at implementing a holistic protection response to assist migrants and refugees coping with challenges that jeopardize their health and safety and affect their future inclusion into the Greek society. More specifically, in line with the needs identified above, IOM’s objective is to identify durable solutions regarding the issue of SGBV incidents and substance abuse and addiction, while also moving towards integration through occupation/workshop activities. 


  • Enhanced emergency accommodation and specialised assistance to SGBV victims, including through awareness-raising outreach.

IOM will establish an emergency transit shelter for SGBV victims, both migrant/refugee and Greek women, who find themselves under a protection limbo until the completion of lengthy procedures (i.e. medical examinations) for admission in longer-term accommodation. With a host capacity of 24 places, the shelter will allow for the urgent and safe accommodation of women (with their children up to 12 years old) for a maximum period of 4 to 6 weeks till their referral to an appropriate public shelter is possible. In case of emergencies and/or very vulnerable cases (e.g. pregnant women, severe health conditions) beneficiaries’ length of stay would be extended for few weeks more. As well as specialised material will be developed and published in various languages to improve migrants’ and refugees’ understanding of their rights and the assistance provided in relation to SGBV issues.

  • Developing and implementing prevention and response mechanisms to alcohol and drugs abuse/addiction by providing counselling services and facilitating referrals to treatment facilities.

IOM will collaborate with KETHEA in order to design and implement a double stream intervention, with the objective to (i) raise awareness and (ii) support migrants and refugees in overcoming drug and alcohol abuse/addiction problems.Through an ad hoc needs assessment in targeted sites and in the Athens urban area, KETHEA and IOM will identify the specific needs of the migrant and refugee population affected by drug and alcohol addiction. More specifically, the selected sites will be the ones where IOM is already operating as the responsible site management agency and as protection actor: Malakasa, Oinofyta, Thiva and Ritsona. During the second phase of the project, a KETHEA mobile counselling team will visit on a rotation basis the targeted sites and the center of Athens. The team will be composed of drug addiction counselors, psychiatrist, social workers, driver and interpreters/cultural mediators and will provide most structured prevention services, awareness-raising and counselling, with the aim to address drug and alcohol addiction problems, including mental health issues.

  • Minimizing risks of violence and abuse by promoting the active engagement of migrants and refugees to livelihood activities. With the objective to increase self-reliance of migrants and refugees and prevention of SGBV and substance abuse and addiction as well as work towards integration, IOM will implement 2 occupational workshops in Thiva and Ritsona camps: a) Sewing workshop in Thiva: Sewing machines and materials will be provided, targeting mainly female residents who will create various handy crafts, and b) Gardening in Ritsona: IOM will make usage of a certain area in the site of Ritsona which is suitable for cultivation of vegetables/gardening.


Areas of action:

  • Attica/Central Greece: Oinofyta, Ritsona, Malakasa, Thiva, Thermopiles, Athens urban area
  • Central Greece: Livadia