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Funded by the European Economic Area (EEA Grants) and the Donor Countries Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway


Description: The Programme “Supporting Organizations that assist migrant asylum seeking population in Greece” (SOAM) was launched with the financial support of the Donor Countries Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway during a period when there was an urgent need for the establishment of more supporting services in Greece for asylum seekers and especially vulnerable groups such as unaccompanied children.  IOM Office in Greece, as Fund Operator of the Programme, monitors the work of the 3 consortiums that have been selected for its implementation.


1) Doctors of the World – Greece (applicant NGO) / Greek Council for Refugees, project titled “Reception Centre for vulnerable asylum seekers in the centre of Athens with the capacity of 70 people” (central Athens),

2) NOSTOS (applicant NGO) / AmKE IASIS / EADAP, project entitled “Asylum Seekers’ Shelter – FUTURE” (Athens, Moschato),

3) PRAKSIS (applicant NGO) / Hellenic Red Cross, project entitled “STEGI (+)” (Athens & Patras).

Beneficiaries:  The Programme supports Non-Governmental Organizations in Greece with long experience in the provision of services to migrant population.  The direct beneficiaries of the Programme are the asylum seekers and more specific vulnerable groups such as unaccompanied children, elderly people, victims of trafficking or/and torture.  Apart from accommodation and food the SOAM beneficiaries receive medical coverage and psychosocial support.

Objectives: The Programme aims at increasing the number of Shelters for asylum seekers in Greece but also improving the living standards for their time of stay until their asylum applications is examined by the Greek Authorities.  Additionally, the Programme promotes the cooperation among NGOs, Authorities and the broad society.

Duration of funded activities

The implementation of Programme’s activities started in September 2013 with initial deadline April 30th 2016.  Thanks to the extension approved by EEA Grants and the Donor Countries the Programme will be completed by April 30th 2017.


For more information you may visit SOAM website

To view the results of SOAM Phase 1: October 2013 - April 2016, click the following link: