U-CARE: Urgent Care for Unaccompanied Migrant Children stranded in Greece | International Organization for Migration

U-CARE: Urgent Care for Unaccompanied Migrant Children stranded in Greece

DonorMRF grant, CEB

Duration: 1 December 2017 - 30 June 2019


  • Targeted maintenance interventions and provision of protection services in Chios.
  • Improvement of accommodation facilities and provision of protection services in Lesvos (Moria).
  • Providing support for the operation of HRC shelters run by the Hellenic Red Cross (HRC) in Athens and Kalavrita.
  • Reconstruction works for the establishment of the long-term shelters for UMCs (Epirus Region of Greece).
  • Supporting NGO European Expression responsible for SMS in Eleonas.



Given the principles that no children should reside under inadequate conditions and UMCs should be provided with specialized care in line with their best interests, IOM aims at providing emergency care and ensuring the well-being of UMCs in Greece, through secure accommodation and assistance tailored to their specific needs.

Through the proposed project, IOM will ensure the provision of services to vulnerable groups stranded in Greece and especially to UMCs residing in inadequate facilities and being in need of specialized care.

IOM will boost the national capacity in providing specialized accommodation and protection services for UMCs on the islands, where huge gaps are currently noted. In particular, 88 additional places were created in Lesvos, while existing places in Lesvos (80) and Chios (90) were maintained and enhanced.

In addition, by supporting the operation of two HRC shelters, IOM will prevent the loss of 60 places in the mainland.

Finally, by providing services and direct protection assistance to UMCs, IOM will support national authorities and reinforce the existing mechanisms for UMCs’ removal from unsuitable facilities as well as the transfer to appropriate ones, while also preparing the ground for transition under national programming.

IOM will reconstruct buildings that are fit for the use as the long-term accommodation/shelters for UMCs ensuring their safety, assistance and protection. IOM plans to create up to 320 places to support the efforts of GoG in responding to the imminent needs of UMCs placement.

IOM will also support NGO European Expression in provision of SMS activities in Eleonas camp managed by RIS for months November – December 2018 to ensure that no gap is created in service provision.


Areas of action: Chios, Lesvos, Athens, Kalavrita and other regions of Greece.