Migrants are not always aware of their rights!  

We are constantly exploring innovative ways to connect with the people we serve. We want to engage with migrants, build trust, and provide essential information about their rights. Thus, we came up with the Virtual Feedback Box: an online, simple, mobile-friendly tool, which facilitates communication between IOM and migrants.


But how does VFB  work exactly? 

  • A QR code that leads to the application is available both online and offline, accessible on posters in camps and shelters, as well as in IOM social media posts.  

  • Users have the option to submit anonymous feedback. Application available in 11 languages here


virtual feeback box



With the VFB, migrants have the option to share sensitive information they might not feel comfortable disclosing in person. 

  • The tool also plays a vital role in enabling us to monitor and evaluate the quality of our services in real-time.   

  • Each message we receive is directed to the person or department best equipped to respond.  




The system is constantly monitored to ensure that responses are timely, especially if the message relates to safety or protection concerns when national referral mechanisms may be activated as necessary.