Duration: 1 September 2023 - 31 December 2027 


Description: Through the project “Implementation of Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegration Measures as well as Operation of Accommodation Center for Applicants of Voluntary Return” IOM is expected to assist in the voluntary return of 17,000 third-country nationals to their countries of origin, to provide in kind reintegration assistance to 1,700 returnees and to accommodate 1,700 assisted voluntary return applicants in the Open Centre.  


Funding:  Home Affairs Funds - with the co-funding by the European Union 


What the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration program offers (AVRR): 

In the framework of the project, voluntarily returning migrants will receive return and reintegration counseling prior to their departure from Greece, flight tickets, support on the issuance of travel documents, pre-departure assistance at the airport, a one-time cash grant to address their basic needs upon arrival in the country of origin, medical assistance, transit assistance and reception assistance upon arrival in cases of need. 

Reintegration assistance will be provided by IOM to eligible beneficiaries on a rights-based approach through active protection and upholding of migrant rights. More specifically, for migrants who will receive reintegration assistance in their country of origin, appropriate support is foreseen per stage for the preparation of individual reintegration plans, coordination with IOM offices in countries of origin and monitoring of the reintegration process and reintegration outcomes. Reintegration beneficiaries will be supported with income generation activities including start-up of micro business and/or vocational training, temporary accommodation, medical support, material assistance, and other types of assistance. 

Moreover, migrants who present vulnerabilities and/or do not have an accommodation option until the return procedure is completed, and they depart from Greece, may stay in the Open Center for Applicants of Voluntary Return in Attica .  


History of IOM Greece and Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration programs:

IOM in Greece plays an important role globally in the implementation of the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programmes. Since 2010, it has assisted more than 59,000 third-country nationals to return to their countries of origin. At the same time, it has helped more than 11,000 returnees complete personalized reintegration plans to help support themselves, their families, and the local community. 




*** IOM does not support voluntary returns to the Syrian Arab Republic, Afghanistan and Ukraine at this stage while retains the right to fully or partially suspend the voluntary returns and reintegration assistance upon internal assessment led by IOM HQ, with and in coordination the Regional Offices and corresponding offices in countries of origin. **