MiNetwork: Facilitating Third Country Nationals’ access to social services and the Greek labour market

Project start date: July 2022

Months of implementation: 12 months

Description: The project aims support the Social Integration Directorate (SID) of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum (MoMA) of Greece in promoting the integration of Ukrainians and TCNs in the Greek socio-economic life in line with their skills, qualifications and aspirations, as well as the local communities’ needs and labour market context. IOM will particularly seek to support the MoMA’s SID in designing a digital Social Inclusion Platform (SIP) and thus introducing a modern, user-friendly and sustainable digital tool to ease and coordinate the inclusion of Ukrainians and TCNs in different aspects of the Greek society.

In particular, the project aspires to deliver:

  • Up-to-date and accurate information material for Ukrainians and TCNs to ensure that they have access to accurate information about their rights and available services.
  • A framework for the geographical distribution of Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection (BTP) and Beneficiaries of International Protection (BIP) according to specific criteria set by the MoMA, such as job opportunities, labour market needs, housing options and unemployment rates.
  • Technical specifications for SIP which aspires to bring critical information about labour market inclusion, language learning, access to services and geographical distribution into one place, and facilitate its regular update, thus reducing time waste by its potential end-users.



The project is funded by The European Union through the Structural Reform Support Programme and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in cooperation with the European Commission (DG REFORM).