Supporting the access of Ukrainian nationals to the Greek labor market: IOM

The International Organization for Migration, in the scope of the HELIOS integration project, which is funded by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, conducted an online job fair which addressed, for the first time, exclusively beneficiaries of temporary protection from Ukraine.

The event, organized and coordinated by the employability component of the HELIOS Project, was attended by 100 beneficiaries of the project.

Particularly significant was the presence of representatives of shipping and fruit processing companies, who responded positively to IOM’s invitation and joined the event to inform the attendees about the currently available job positions, required skills, and the working conditions they offer.

With the support of IOM interpreters, the participants were informed in detail about the labor rights in Greece and had as well the opportunity to  directly discuss about a possible employment with the representatives of the companies.

"Employability initiatives, which take place either online or in person, are for more than 3 years an integral part of the HELIOS integration program," said Milan Colic Humljan, Coordinator of the HELIOS Project. "Such events have an interactive nature. On the one side, there are the beneficiaries of the project who are interested in working in Greece, and on the other, potential employers who offer employment prospects. It is crucial to bring these two sides together and create the opportunity for them to meet." he added.

The displaced population from Ukraine in Greece is already benefiting from integration and language courses at HELIOS specialized learning centers across the country and are also eligible for the project’s rental subsidies.

Since July 2022 and up to date, 3,700 beneficiaries of temporary protection from Ukraine have enrolled in the HELIOS program. The expansion of the target group of the HELIOS integration project to beneficiaries of temporary protection from Ukraine was carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Migration and Asylum and the Embassy of Ukraine in Greece in July of this year.


A few words about the HELIOS project

The HELIOS Integration Project, implemented throughout Greece by the International Organization for Migration and funded by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, aims to promote and support the integration of beneficiaries of International and Temporary Protection into the Greek society. The initiatives and pillars of the project focus on integration courses, supporting the housing and employment of the beneficiaries, monitoring their integration process and raising awareness amongst host communities.


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