Alla, a mother of 2, fled Ukraine when the war escalated. She is less than a year in Greece and with the support of the HELIOS project she has managed to establish her own real estate business and write her own success story!

“A friend of mine told me about the project and so far it has supported me in so many ways. HELIOS supports my independent accommodation in Athens but also helped me complete a 6-month course in Greek. Moreover, I was provided with counseling sessions by HELIOS staff.”

Even though she doesn’t know when she will be able to return to her hometown and see her family and friends again, Alla is grateful to Greece for embracing her and giving her the opportunity to rebuild a new life.

“I was an entrepreneur in Ukraine and ran my own consulting company. As soon as I met HELIOS staff, I wanted to know everything about the Greek market, the gaps, and the needs. After the meetings we had and the research I did, I realized that there is a great interest for real estate in Greece, and under their guidance, I established my own company.”

Alla never stops to evolve and today she participates in the 4-day Entrepreneurship workshop, which is organized by HELIOS Project Employability Component in collaboration with EBRD support to small businesses in Greece. HELIOS project is funded by the Ministry of Migration & Asylum.