IOM Greece, consistently committed to supporting the central and local authorities in Greece to deal with issues related to the migrant and refugee populations welcomes the formation of the Cities Network for Integration, as a significant initiative that aims to develop and disseminate good practices that promote the integration of third-country nationals in the Greek society and strengthen social cohesion.

Within the framework of the 'Durable Solutions for Migrants in Greece' program, IOM taking into account the priorities set by the municipalities – members of the Cities Network, will provide the participating municipalities with the technical means necessary in order to develop mechanisms and capacities. This will support their work in terms of planning and programming activities with long-term benefits both for migrants and refugees and for the host society.

The support to be provided is multilevel, consisting mainly of:

  • The development of a support mechanism for the Cities Network to facilitate the formulation of coordination schemes and tools, and the development of local strategies on integration;
  • The organization/provision of training sessions/workshops and specialized consultancy to municipal staff;
  • The organization of coordination meetings;
  • The development of an inter-municipal information sharing platform;
  • The enablement of Cities Network members to advocate and participate in national and international fora

Duration: Initial duration of the support 12 months

Cities Network of Integration

‘Cities Network for Integration’ is an inter-municipal network led by Greek municipalities working together to organize and implement coordinated activities and interventions at the local and national levels, aimed at promoting social integration of migrants and refugees and strengthening social cohesion. The Cities Network was instigated in January 2018 by the Municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki. The relevant Memorandum of Understanding, now signed by eighteen (18) Municipalities, paves the way for a common framework for cooperation between municipalities in the fields of know-how exchange, capacity building, joint policy-making at the European, regional and local levels, fundraising and programming.

To date, 18 municipalities have joined the Cities Network for Integration: Athens, St. Demetrius Attica, Delta Heraklion Crete, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Karditsa, Kalamaria, Katerini Larisa, Livadia, Neapolis-Sykeon, Nea Filadelfeia / Nea Chalkidona (Attica), Piraeus, Telos, Trikala, Tripoli and Chania.

The website of the Cities Network for Integration:

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