The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) I Flow Monitoring System in the Mediterranean aims to collect and regularly update information on migrants and asylum-seekers arriving in Europe, in order to provide an accurate and timely overview of the migration flows.

Considering the scale and complexity of the current migration flows in Europe, DTM offers a holistic and dynamic approach to gathering information in order to better understand the evolving situation in the countries of origin, transit and destination

Specifically, DTM:

  • Identify and monitor main locations along the migrant routes
  • Map routes used by the migrants and asylum-seekers
  • Gather information on nationality, sex and age of the migrants and asylum-seekers and specific vulnerabilities
  • Identify general migration trends

The information gathered through DTM provides better understanding of the basic profiles of the population on the move, including where they came from, the routes they are taking and their reasons for moving. The information enables Governments and stakeholders provide more targeted assistance to the affected population.

DTM Video