Duration: 1 June 2018 – 30 April 2019

Description: Through this action, IOM aims to support the government in the emergency response to the increased migration flows and a number of migrants and refugees in Greece through the enhancement of the accommodation capacity of the existing sites and management of the newly re-opened sites as well as to ensure multidisciplinary protection and assistance together with the access to the relevant services.

Components: The current proposal aims to address the issue by:

  • 954 new places in Malakasa, Oinofyta, Kavala and Serres
  • 390 additional places in Vagiohori
  • re/opening a total number of 1,200 places (Volvi and Stylida) and securing the continuation of 430 places capacity (Kato Milia)
  • Deployment of 4 IOM SMS teams in Vagiohori, Kato Milia, Volvi and Stylida composed of shelter experts, facility coordinators, community support workers, interpreters/cultural mediators, handymen.

IOM will work in close cooperation with the Ministry of Migration Policy and other national stakeholders, as well as international actors in the sites to coordinate these emergency efforts in a timely and efficient manner.


The project is funded by the Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission (DG HOME)

Areas of action

Malakasa (Attica), Oinofyta (Voiotia), Kavala, Serres, Vagiohori (Thessaloniki), Volvi (Thessaloniki), Stylida (Phthiotis), Kato Milia (Katerini).