IOM Greece successfully completes “Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration of Migrants in situations of vulnerability” project

Athens- IOM Greece has successfully assisted the voluntary return of 229 vulnerable third-country nationals to their home countries with safety and dignity through the project “Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration of Migrants in situations of vulnerability” which started in September 2023 and ended in June 2023. 

The project was implemented under the programme “Asylum and Migration” (Addressing urgent needs for the reception and screening of asylum seekers and for the accommodation of vulnerable groups) of the EEA Grants by IOM. 

Through the project, IOM provided AVRR assistance to 229 migrants in situations of vulnerability. More specifically, 111 individual migrants and 41 families received tailored/personalized return and reintegration support. 

“IOM continues to assist migrants seeking to voluntarily return to their countries of origin in full respect of their human rights also contributing to their sustainable reintegration - especially to those in vulnerable situations. EEA Grants have a key role in supporting this important activity contributing to the management of migration in Greece as well as to the well-being of stranded migrants” said Gianluca Rocco, Chief of the IOM Mission in Greece. 

In the framework of the project, beneficiaries received return and reintegration counselling prior to their departure from Greece, flight tickets, support on the issuance of travel documents, pre-departure assistance at the airport, a one-time cash grant in order to address their basic needs upon arrival in the country of origin, transit assistance and reception assistance upon arrival in cases of need. 

“On behalf of one of the donor partners, I would like to thank IOM for their great effort related to the work regarding safe return of migrants to their country of origin. IOM staff have also provided the beneficiaries with protection and medical advice in cases of need. IOM as our partner has long and comprehensive experience in this field and has been an excellent associate in this important work,” said Hanne Merete Jendal, Senior adviser at the directorate of immigration (UDI).  

In parallel, project beneficiaries received reintegration assistance based on their needs, special characteristics and preferences. Reintegration assistance was provided in kind. In collaboration with the IOM offices in countries of origin, beneficiaries were supported with income generation activities including start-up of microbusiness and/or vocational training, temporary accommodation, medical support, material assistance and other types of assistance. 

“We are very happy that we will return to Georgia without having to start from scratch. We live in a small village in Georgia, so with the reintegration assistance I received I will set up my own dairy farm to support my family,” Dato, a beneficiary of the project said. 

IOM mission in Greece plays an important part, globally, in the implementation of the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programmes, given that since 2010, it has assisted more than 59,000 third-country nationals to return to the homelands with safety and dignity. At the same time, it has supported more than 10,900 returnees to successfully complete personalized reintegration plans that support themselves as well as their families and the local community. 


**IOM does not support voluntary returns to the Syrian Arab Republic, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Sudan at this stage. 


For more information, please contact Christine Nikolaidou, IOM Greece, Tel.: +30 210 99 19 040, Email: