"My goal is to create my own laboratory for the manufacture and maintenance of mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches, sticks and walkers. For this reason, aside from the experience in Afghanistan, I obtained a welding certification in Greece. This gives me the opportunity to seek a job in companies that are active in the field,” says Karimi Saidullah, a recognized refugee from Afghanistan who came to Greece with his family five years ago.

Mr. Saidullah is 52 years old and he has extensive experience as an orthotic and prosthetic technician in Afghanistan and Pakistan. His desire is to continue working in the field of his professional experience, either as a technician in an orthopedic laboratory or developing his own laboratory in the future.

For the time being, he wishes to stay in Greece and work as an interpreter, after graduating from the integration and Greek language courses provided by the HELIOS program. At the same time, he is continuing Greek language courses, doing his best to improve his communication skills the soonest possible.

Through the EU - funded HELIOS project and with the support of the employability team, he has actively participated in two entrepreneurship programs. In addition and aiming at further enhancing his skills he succeeded in obtaining a welding certificate in Greece. During his leisure time, Saidullah likes to experiment in his makeshift workshop with his hobby in robotics. His latest invention? A robot, name Athina, 120 cm high, weighing 8 kg that he ingeniously built from recyclable materials. 

Through the HELIOS project, IOM aims to promote the integration of beneficiaries of international protection into the Greek society through integration courses, housing and employability support. IOM's HELIOS project is implemented with the support of the European Commission - DG HOME.

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