Rona is one of these women who throughout her life had to deal with many challenges, but somehow, she managed to smile and sew a better future. Originally from Afghanistan, the mother of 9 children, had to escape her country as hers and her children´s lives were in danger. As a teenager she loved designing and sewing clothes. In the past she collaborated with an organization where she was producing clothes to support needy people.

During her journey she faced protection risks in transit, including family separation, psychosocial stress, but in the end, she found her haven, a place where she can let her imagination flow and her sewing machine running.

Rona sewed voluntarily clothes for the young and the older population of the migrant facility in Thiva, where she currently resides.

“When I give them a new piece of clothing and see the light on their faces, I feel so happy. This is my reward,” she said.

She recently created dolls made of fabric to support a fairytale event organized by IOM Greece, in collaboration with SolidarityNow and Kethi and also sewed messages made of cloth against gender-based violence.

“I believe that we all have superpowers. Mine is sewing!”

ΙΟΜ operates in the facility with the support of the European Commission – DG Home.

“I believe that we all have superpowers. Mine is sewing!”
Superheroes don’t wear costumes, they sew them