Thompson Ewoma, 18-year-old man from Cameroon, settled in the open accommodation site in Kavala in summer 2021. Since day one of his stay in the camp, IOM watched him play passionately with a soccer ball. He shared with us his big dream of playing soccer in an organized team and participate in official matches.

Thompson has been playing football since he was a child. Back in Cameroon he played football in an academy for 12-year-old children. In 2019 he arrived on Samos island, leaving everything behind him. His love and talent for soccer though, followed him throughout his journey.

IOM communicated Thompson’s dream to play in an organized team with all local football clubs. The soccer team "Megas Alexandros Orfaniou" which participates in the third national division quickly picked up the young man’s talent, passion and positive character and they officially included him in the team.

“Thompson is a great man and is also very talented in football. I admire his passion, patience and persistence. Despite the struggle and bureaucratic procedures, we are going through to obtain the license for his participation in the league, he never lost his courage. He kept coming to practice and to the matches just to watch and support our team. He kept fighting! I am very proud for him and I am sure that Thompson will have a great career in the future, not only because he is a talented football player, but also because he is a good man,” said his coach, Dimitris Magkafinis.

“Thompson has become a friend of mine. Since the beginning, I used to drive him to practice. And now Thompson is every player’s friend! We really like him; he is a great talent and a great guy. He is a member of our football family; he is our brother and partner, and we are here to support him,” mentioned Giorgos Nomikos, his football mate.

IOM operates in Kavala site with the support of the European Commission - DG HOME, in close collaboration with the reception and identification service of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

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