Duration: 1 December 2017 – 31 January 2021

Through this action, IOM ensured the provision of services to vulnerable groups stranded in Greece and especially to UMCs residing in inadequate facilities and in need of specialized care by providing services and direct protection assistance to UMCs. IOM reconstructed buildings that are fit for use as the long-term accommodation/shelters for UMCs ensuring their safety, assistance, and protection.

Main activities:

  • Supporting UMCs residing in Reception and Identification Centers (RIC) of the islands of Chios and Lesvos through the operation of so-called Safe Areas inside the RICs and provision of direct assistance to children, including psycho-social, legal assistance, interpretation, referral, and accompaniment to services, as well as 24/7 presence.
  • IOM has covered a gap of 2 months of funding to NGO European Expression which provided Site Management Support in Eleonas camp.
  • Ensuring continuous operation of existing shelters for UMCs of Hellenic Red Cross until they pass under AMIF National funding programme to avoid the gap in funding and their closure.
  • Supporting the Government of Greece to enlarge the reception capacity of UMCs in mainland Greece through reconstruction of the shelter buildings that will further be operated as Shelters for Unaccompanied children through AMIF National Programme.

Main Results:

  • IOM has assisted a total number of 1,104 UMCs living in two RICs through a) improvement of UMCs living conditions and refurbishment works in the safe areas, b) supporting the basic needs and case management of UMCs to ensure the provision of assistance and protection of their wellbeing and safety (social, legal, psychological support and interpretation, as well as recreational activities). 
  • IOM created up to 470 places to support the efforts of the Government of Greece in responding to the imminent needs of UMCs placement. More specifically, IOM established collaborations by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Social Welfare Center of Epirus (KKPPH) - part of the Ministry of Labor and the NGO of the Church of Greece, through the reconstruction of 7 buildings. Upon the completion of the reconstruction works in all buildings a total of 200 places for UMCs were created. 
  • IOM has refurbished 1 building in Sepolia area of Athens with a total capacity of 40 UMC places which is currently run by NGO European Expression.
  • IOM enhanced the infrastructure and living conditions in 6 Shelters for UMCs run by IOM Greece since December 2018, allowing for the continuation of the operation of the Shelters and AMIF National funding. 

The project is funded by the MRF grant, CEB

Areas of action

Lesvos, Chios, Konitsa and Pogoniani villages in Epirus region and Athens urban area, Athens and other regions of Greece.