Description: Under the framework of the Project “Protecting children in the context of the Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe” IOM, UNICEF, UNHCR and Save the Children partnered to develop a joint proposal to prevent violence against children and promote respect for the rights of refugee and migrant children along the migration route in the EU Member States. All four organizations, within their respective mandates, are actively engaged in supporting national and EU actors in their response to the refugee and migrant crisis. The programme is funded by DG Justice of the European Commission.  

Objectives: The project seeks to forge a coherent protection response reinforcing existing activities to protect children who are arriving by sea at points of disembarkation, in transit at border points and in destination countries and to develop new or strengthen existing protection responses. The proposed countries for project implementation purposes include the main entry, transit and final asylum/destination countries. 

Under the framework of the project, IOM activities are foreseen in seven EU Member States: Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Austria. Joint implementation of the Project in Greece and the aforementioned EU states aims at policy harmonization at the national and EU levels.

Through this project IOM will ensure: 

  • Prevention of violence against children, including trafficking as the worst form of violence,  and respect for their rights along the migration route, from point of entry, in hotspots, while in transit and in reception centers.
  • Support and strengthening of integrated national child protection systems.
  • Capacity building of targeted frontline responders for child protection including national asylum/migration professionals/practitioners, national and local NGOs, and all other groups working for and directly with children, including volunteers.
  • Accurate and up-to-date information collection on and monitoring of the situation of refugee and migrant children in the context of a common information network shared amongst all parties involved. 

The project is funded by the DG Justice of the European Commission



IOM, UNICEF, UNHCR and Save the Children

Target group(s)
  • Minors stranded in Greece, migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking children with priority to vulnerable cases such as unaccompanied migrant children, children at risk and children potential victims of human trafficking.
  • National child protection authorities and services, immigration and border authorities, authorities responsible for social assistance, NGOs, international organizations.  
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